Monday, March 28, 2011

Homer Simpson says "D'oh!"

Well, I'm just about off to work, but I thought I'd share something I find relatively amusing. I recently noticed in my blog's tracking options that an old article entitled Troy McClure Speaks Out on Peter Singer consistently snags a lot of hits, no doubt through Google searches by 'The Simpsons' fans. So, what do you think? Should I go back and re-title? I'm thinking something along the lines of-

Homer Simpson says "D'oh!" to Richard Dawkin's Blindspot
Marge Simpson Nags Homer to Not Have Any More Children.
Bart Simpson Wishes He'd Never Been Born.
Lisa Simpson Lost Her Saxophone in Mrs. Neutron's Garage.
Maggie Simpson Sucks the Pacifier of Vicarious Immortality.

I'm thinking my hits should soar through the roof! D'oh! But then I'll need to build a new roof, which will probably make me have a cow, man!


The Plague Doctor said...

I'm thinking we need to get a major condom manufacturer to promote antinatalism in an ad campain.

Shadow said...


Lots of good ideas from everyone!

CM said...


You could always write something about Rebecca Black. That'll get you some hits for sure (whether you will be able to retain any self-respect is another question). You could take the "this video is a pretty good argument for not breeding" angle or the "this poor girl doesn't deserve to be bullied by the internets" angle. I think both are pretty self-evidently true.

The Plague Doctor-

good one! Coincidentally, this was in David Benatar's bio in The Onion and Philosophy: "His anti-natalist book, Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence (2006) pissed off Area Procreators but has been widely praised by Area Condom Manufacturers".

Todd said...

C. Montgomery Burns calculates how many more generations of miserable human peons will have to be created before he achieves technological immortality.

Sideshow Bob thoughtfully weighs the pros and cons of human extinction (but mostly just Bart's).

Duffman is thankful that he can never die- only the actors who play him! *thrust* OH YEAH!

Okay, I'm done now.