Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed!

You can now officially order 'Confessions of an Antinatalist' from Nine-Banded Books. Thanks so much to all those involved, especially to Chip who got the whole ball rolling in the first place. I did my best to make it accessible and conversational, since the last thing I want to hear from critics is "I only read the first couple of chapters, and didn't really bother trying to understand what I was reading, but from the few sentences I remember, it really stinks!", which pretty much sums up many of Professor Benatar's reviews. As a matter of fact, in his case many 'readers' never actually got beyond the title. Ugh!

Anyway, thanks in advance to each of you who reads the thing. Looking forward to your thoughts. After I finish writing some overdue reviews, I might get started on a new project, something that's rolling around in my head and that is related to the subject of this blog. I'll also try and get something else up on YouTube soon. Maybe I'll do a few selected reading from the book. But for now, real life intrudes (daddy stuff). Take care, one and all. And remember...don't procreate.