Thursday, December 17, 2020

May I Offer a Suggestion?

I just watched a video that warms my heart, a beautiful soul who has had a breakthrough of sorts. The beginning of the end of a harmful obession, and more power to this person, I say! Let's hope it's a pebble that starts a landslide.

As some of you may know, I was a member of a violent religious cult for most of my 20s. Nothing to be proud of, but it is what it is. What remains from those days is a little bit of wisdom from lessons learned, and a lot of anxiety. A LOT! Trying to cope with it has been my uphill battle ever since. One thing that seems to help is learning and practicing little creative skills, especially since I've retired from the working world. Idle hands and all that. My hobbies now include kite building, basket making, boxing, kali fighting sticks and nunchucks, boondoggling (look it up; I never knew there was a name for it! lol!), juggling (I'm actually pretty good, I do balls and clubs and rings and scarves), wood carving, wood burning, origami, tissue flower making (I made TONS of giant flowers for a party last year, took a week!), slingshot marksmanship (poor man's archery, and more fun imo), and I even recently took up skateboarding again after a lapse of 3 or 4 decades. Of course, not everybody has the free time I have these days, but the important thing is applying one's self to something interesting that takes you out of the kind of headspace where those dreaded feedback loops of anxiousness and depression lie.

Anywho, these are some of the things that help me get through the day without driving myself crazy. Maybe I'll go into some of them in more detail eventually, and if anybody is ever interested in talking more specifically about this stuff, be my guest to post your queries and helpful hints here. I'm always looking to learn. And again, best wishes to those of you who have your own psychological issues. I get it.

Dayim, I almost forgot the bongos! Like, cooool baby.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Tonight's Pondering

Do you think that, just perhaps, there's an approach to antinatalism that might incline towards some degree of mental health and stability? I'd like to think so, although assuredly that's a hard nut to crack. The conundrum, imo, appears to circle around optimism bias and the kind of depressive mentality that ofttimes (always?) seems to be a prerequisite to seeing through the bullshit. Unfortunately, the answer from some quarters is apparently just shit on everything and let God sort it out. Anyway, not offering any answers tonight, just thinking about new ways to frame things, because after all it's supposed to be about the suffering, right, and surely those who choose to keep on living deserve at least as much care and attention as those not yet or ever born, yes? I'd really like the seed of AN to bloom into something that everyone eventually can get behind, after all, and not smashed under the boot of those whose self-hatred becomes weaponized and deployed by the sickest amongst us. My two cents.