Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This post is mostly meant as a bookmark for myself as I seek to fine-tune my understanding and expression of the fundamental Benatar asymmetry. Good reading, though.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The reasons I love life are the reasons I hate it. The lies within the truths within the Lie.


It may be true that a picture speaks a thousand words; and a song, perhaps, even more. But consider all the other words that get left out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Per 'This Conversation'

First this disclaimer, aimed at those in the mental health establishment who think they know better than me what to do with MY life:

I, James Crawford, have not experienced suicidal ideation in several years, nor have I EVER attempted suicide either by active or passive means (Christ, look what we've come to!).

Now to the post proper:

I just wandered downstairs a few minutes ago, and on my way outside to have a smoke (yes, I know...coffin nails), I happened to catch a few minutes of the new episode of 'House' (apologies to fans of the show, but I find the protagonist a trifle too glib). It seems the patient of the week made a suicide attempt, and there followed a conversation between two of the doctors about the 'morality' of the attempt. Doctor #1 seemed somewhat sympathetic, while doctor #2 saw fit to chastise the man for what he perceived to be an act of selfishness.

"The guy had no right! What about his wife and kids?" (paraphrase)

Now, here's my question- what's the difference between this attitude, and the following situational statement?

"We're holding you hostage until you pay up; however, we'll try to make your stay as comfortable as we can."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Treatment and Autonomy

Though it’s not the subject of this blog, certainly the philosophies of antinatalism and legalized suicide share SOME common ground, intersecting at the point of human suffering. Sister Y has posted an article over at The View From Hell; and her thoughts on personality vis-a-vis decision making, along with some others in the corresponding comments section, have me thinking about practical answers to the dilemma as outlined in her post. Here’s my solution:

First of all, we set up regional, user friendly suicide centers ala ‘Soylent Green’, to which any potential self-terminator can freely apply. The only requirements are that the applicant must endure a pre-established waiting period. I suggest 6 months to a year. During this time, the subject will be required to undergo ‘counseling’...but NOT the kind established merely to be a coercive obstacle. I’m thinking more along the lines of a ‘friendly ear’, with no mind towards thwarting the subject’s ostensible wishes. This method offers the subject a chance to talk everything out with no fear of moral judgment or sanctions, with the ‘counselor’ serving the function of soundingboard. I’ve found that sometimes the best way for sorting out feelings is to hear yourself talking about them. Of course, during these interviews concerns can be expressed, and alternative solutions offered, INCLUDING the medicinal sort...but all done with the understanding that the final decisions are left WHOLLY up to the subject, thus retaining the sense of the individual’s autonomy. It seems to me that such a pressure-free environment can itself offer a mode of healing and clarity, if indeed there are resolvable issues on the side of life.

If at the end of the waiting period the applicant is still resolved to suicide, so be it. They’re assisted in tidying up their affairs (IF they request assistance), delivered to the local euthanasia center, where they receive a nice last meal in a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere, then led into a room filled with their favorite art, or music, or whatever they request within reason, and are administered an overdose of barbiturates. Fini.

Of course, if at any time during the waiting period the subject opts out of the plan, they are released from any further obligations, and allowed to go on their way. Later on down the road if they again choose to end their lives, the process starts over from scratch. All in all, this is the most humane solution I can think of. It addresses the concerns of those who fear hasty decisions made under the influence of temporary emotional duress, or anomalous farts in the brain chemistry, or what have you, while still maintaining a bottom line personal autonomy.

So, any flaws in my thinking here?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Greatest Taboo

When I'm not trying to convince people to abstain from breeding, I tend to start fights on fundamentalist Christian websites. I don't go in with that intention, but that seems to be the way the conversations always end up. One commenter had this to say to me, after reading some of my posts on this blog:

"Congratulations, Jim, you have reached a new benchmark in arrogance. Not content to just shake your fist at God like most atheists, now you ARE god, deciding what is best for ALL of mankind. No more live and let live, now it’s die and let die.
We have gone from: children are a blessing from the Lord, to: they’re my little tax deductions, to: get rid of your baby if it’s just not convenient, to: forced abortions in China (and elsewhere), to: people cooking and eating babies in China. Now, it’s everybody just stop having babies! I, Jim, declare that that is what is best for everybody. Listen to the mighty Jim!
How “civilized” we are!! But, guess what? All those things are in the Bible! Except maybe for the tax deductions. And the abortions in the Bible didn’t let the mother live, they just cut the mother open to kill the baby.
This is a perfect example of Satan taking control of the heart and mind of man in order to steal, kill, and destroy. The story never changes, just the characters names’ change.
Yay, Jim! You have given me and others more evidence of the truth of scripture than I could have ever hoped to."

In my original introduction to this blog, I posited what I perceive to be the three major taboos of humankind which should not be questioned. God. Free will. Life is good. I invite you to follow the descending hierarchy into substantive evil as outlined by the commenter-

1. No more live and let live.
2. Utilitarian attitudes towards children (I agree with that little irony).
3. Legal abortion
4. Forced abortions in China.
5. People cooking and eating children in China (I'll betcha in Japan they'd be served raw!).
6. Persuade people to stop having children.

So, antinatalism (which is merely a call for voluntary cessation of breeding; at least, my kind) is worse than forced abortion, female mutilation, murder and cannibalism.

Sigh...why do I bother?

NOTE: Rum and Dr. Pepper tastes an awful lot like cough medicine.

If anyone's interested, I started another blog here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Approaching 10,000

I just noticed I'm fast approaching 10,000 hits to this blog. Admittedly a pittance compared to some of the big guys in this neighborhood, but still...I'm gratified. Antinatalism is far from becoming a movement, admittedly. At least in an overt way, though I sense an undertone of tacit support amongst those who dare question the rubber stamped attitude of the procreative set, if only on a personal level. And I like to think my readers make up in quality what they lack in quantity.

I'm working on a book, trying to convince myself that sentences can indeed contain less than fifty words each and still convey salient information. I'm not wholly convinced, but through the discipline of burning myself with cigarettes, succinctness has been grudgingly forthcoming. And I'm contemplating my next video, maybe this time including actual pictures and stuff. You! Stay tuned.

I wish everyone a happy and fruitful 2009, knowing full well my wishes mean nothing, and that all of us will continue to suffer under the auspices of the luck of the draw. But I think my heart's in the right place. I've already cheated on all my resolutions, so I guess that's a wash. Better luck next year?

I wish!

P.S. I'll try to get back to the Benatar book soon. I mean to finish it...I promise!