Tuesday, September 22, 2015


A sapling asked an oak tree tall,
"What's the point in growing,
when, at the end, we simply fall
into the dark unknowing

that dwells deep in the heart of trees,
and in all of life, I fear?"
The oak tree shivered in the breeze,
but the sapling didn't hear.

Professor David Benatar Interview


Friday, September 4, 2015

Festivities Kick Off This Afternoon

Festivities kick off this afternoon,
the party to dwarf all such galas past.
They'll howl beneath the urgent, waxing moon,
and make love on the waxen, melting grass.

They'll take turns at the speaker's podium
to voice their fair hurrahs and last goodbyes,
and shoot their guns into the tumbling skies-
wee thanes beneath the shoe of kingdom come.

But all the crowing, bluffs, and shaking fists
shall ne'er hold off their portion, and for this,
I'll not attend the circus at the end,
but pause in solitude, remembering friends.

And thus, in recollection of those passed,
I'll make peace with mortality, at last.