Sunday, July 11, 2021

Means and Ends- The Red Button Revisited

Just a little survey, folks, for both antinatalists and efilists. So, I recently purchased a nifty little gadget from World Extinguishers Inc., a small box displaying only a single red button and nothing more. The instructions state that pushing the button will cause the entire Earth...along with everything and everyone else, instantaneously un-become, disappearing into absolute nothingness without a trace. Nobody will see it coming, and nobody will feel a thing. Shall I push the red button?

Now imagine the same scenario, the only difference being that all living beings will suffer excrutiating pain for 10 seconds. Shall I push the red button now?

Same deal as before, but the excrutiating suffering lasts for 5 minutes. Shall I push the red button?

Same deal again, but now it's an hour of suffering. Shall I push the red button?

Again, but now it's a day of suffering.

A month.

A year.

One hundred years.

One thousand years.

One million years.

You can also choose 'under no circumstances'.

No wrong answers here, folks. Just make your choice and explain your rationale as best you can in the comments section. Thanks in advance for your participation. Comment moderation is off for the present time so you can talk amongst yourselves.

ADDENDUM: I probably should make everyone aware that I'll be pushing pretty hard here at times, friend and foe alike. All I can do is assure y'all that there's a method to my madness which will become clearer as we roll along. Nothing personal.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Professor Greyroot's Fantasmagorical Lavatory of Curiosities and Blunders

Since Inmendham's multitudinous falsities and atrocities are spread out over thousands of hours of video time, I thought it might be fun, as well as enlightening, to provide a space for myself and others, in the comments section, to really pin Gary down with his own statements. Not that I'd imagine the Professor might actually take heed and revisit his more egregious missteps. However, he IS represented in some of the seedier quarters as an AN of some regard, and AN has enough of an uphill climb without this fecal-imbued albatross chained around its neck.

So, pick a particular subject and try to stick with it as much as possible, eschewing sidetracks as much as we can. If we get enough entries maybe we can establish a sort of lexicon of Gary's foibles and fuckups, a place to point to for curious newcomers who might find themselves enamored with Gary's ostensible 'passion'...which, it turns out, is really nothing but the primal whining of a hate-filled loser who resents an existence passing him by with no acknowledgement of his self-contrived 'greatness'. No skin off my nose, really, except his main thrall and spokesperson is trying to ingratiate Gary's evilism into the AN community, and that just doesn't fly with me.

Anyway, that's about the size of it. Try to use quotes when possible, and do your darndest to color inside the context lines. But wouldn't it be great to have a referral source for 'this is what he said' without having to sift through literally thousands of hours of garbage? Now, none of this is to say that the Professor won't continue to offer up his brand of well-seasoned bullshit to counter the numerous claims against his positions. Hell, he can even have his ripostes posted here, as long as it's IN WRITING and he doesn't go on some tear about murdering pregnant women or something typical of him. But here, in writing, he can be nailed to the wall for all to see and he won't be able to obfuscate with his nonstop stream of consciousness verbiage which is only used to lie and confuse. And this will work with or without his input, since unlike the mighty Professor himself I'm assumming, through loads of personal experience corresponding with you good folks, that unlike Gary you guys can argue forthrightly without playing the various dishonest games that he plays.

I'm getting ready to work on something pertinent to all of this later on today, but I'm under a load of projects at the moment so feel free to jump ahead in line if you'd like to. Let's make a list!!!

Monday, March 15, 2021

2 Steves Wearing Truth on Their Sleeves, or So I Believes :) and Just a little civic duty vis-a-vis evilism in general and the Professor in particular. Couldn't figure out how to embed them with my android or I would have, but these link will take you straight to the two Steves. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

May I Offer a Suggestion?

I just watched a video that warms my heart, a beautiful soul who has had a breakthrough of sorts. The beginning of the end of a harmful obession, and more power to this person, I say! Let's hope it's a pebble that starts a landslide.

As some of you may know, I was a member of a violent religious cult for most of my 20s. Nothing to be proud of, but it is what it is. What remains from those days is a little bit of wisdom from lessons learned, and a lot of anxiety. A LOT! Trying to cope with it has been my uphill battle ever since. One thing that seems to help is learning and practicing little creative skills, especially since I've retired from the working world. Idle hands and all that. My hobbies now include kite building, basket making, boxing, kali fighting sticks and nunchucks, boondoggling (look it up; I never knew there was a name for it! lol!), juggling (I'm actually pretty good, I do balls and clubs and rings and scarves), wood carving, wood burning, origami, tissue flower making (I made TONS of giant flowers for a party last year, took a week!), slingshot marksmanship (poor man's archery, and more fun imo), and I even recently took up skateboarding again after a lapse of 3 or 4 decades. Of course, not everybody has the free time I have these days, but the important thing is applying one's self to something interesting that takes you out of the kind of headspace where those dreaded feedback loops of anxiousness and depression lie.

Anywho, these are some of the things that help me get through the day without driving myself crazy. Maybe I'll go into some of them in more detail eventually, and if anybody is ever interested in talking more specifically about this stuff, be my guest to post your queries and helpful hints here. I'm always looking to learn. And again, best wishes to those of you who have your own psychological issues. I get it.

Dayim, I almost forgot the bongos! Like, cooool baby.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Tonight's Pondering

Do you think that, just perhaps, there's an approach to antinatalism that might incline towards some degree of mental health and stability? I'd like to think so, although assuredly that's a hard nut to crack. The conundrum, imo, appears to circle around optimism bias and the kind of depressive mentality that ofttimes (always?) seems to be a prerequisite to seeing through the bullshit. Unfortunately, the answer from some quarters is apparently just shit on everything and let God sort it out. Anyway, not offering any answers tonight, just thinking about new ways to frame things, because after all it's supposed to be about the suffering, right, and surely those who choose to keep on living deserve at least as much care and attention as those not yet or ever born, yes? I'd really like the seed of AN to bloom into something that everyone eventually can get behind, after all, and not smashed under the boot of those whose self-hatred becomes weaponized and deployed by the sickest amongst us. My two cents.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Tin Foil Man

Sung to the tune Do It Again by Steely Dan

In the mornin' you go gunnin'
for the gal who stole your semen
And you shove til she is done in
'cause you hates them pregnant women
All the evilists start singin'
as they worship at your feet.
Then they ask you how you're hangin'
and you start to beat your meat

And they yell "Back, Jack, do it again!"
Girls tumbling 'round and down
"You go back, Jack, and do it again!"

When you know she's no high climber
then you need another plan.
So you sneak up from behind her
and you hit her with a pan
Then you act a little naughty
with her, now that she's compliant
Later when they find the body
You come at them all defiant

And you scream "Back, Jack, I'll do it again!
Girls tumbling 'round and down
I'll go back, Jack, and do it again!"

Now you swear and kick and tell us
That you're really a good guy
It's a tale you've tried to sell us
But it's one just blind men buy
All the rest of us can see you
for the charlatan you are
It's what happens when an ego
Tries too hard to be a star, yeah

But you'll go back, Jack, and do it again
Girls tumbling 'round and down
You'll go back, Jack, and do it again


Saturday, November 14, 2020

They Wronged You, Julie Newmar. Thanks for Everything!

If you've got Hulu, get yer ass over there and watch the best Marvel movie of all time! That's right, I'm talking Blade with Wesley Snipes. What a wonderful non-Disneyish experience! And fuck the critics with their snotty biases against the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I'm telling you, this flick is a gem, a blood-letting gorefest inside an homage to kung fu movies inside an African American tour-de-force with absolutely ZERO pandering (yeah, I'm looking at you, Black Panther) inside what I believe to be the best cinematic iteration of a comic book character ever rendered. Snipes was the king back then; too bad he did an Inmendham-style disappearing up his own ass trick and ruined his own career a couple of sequels later. Ah well, at least he got some mileage out of his gig, unlike the aforementioned evilist sado-daddy shower curtain prophet. UPDATE: OMG! Just reading the credits and realized Traci Lords is in this movie! Cherry on top!!!