Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Professor Greyroot's Fantasmagorical Lavatory of Curiosities and Blunders

Since Inmendham's multitudinous falsities and atrocities are spread out over thousands of hours of video time, I thought it might be fun, as well as enlightening, to provide a space for myself and others, in the comments section, to really pin Gary down with his own statements. Not that I'd imagine the Professor might actually take heed and revisit his more egregious missteps. However, he IS represented in some of the seedier quarters as an AN of some regard, and AN has enough of an uphill climb without this fecal-imbued albatross chained around its neck.

So, pick a particular subject and try to stick with it as much as possible, eschewing sidetracks as much as we can. If we get enough entries maybe we can establish a sort of lexicon of Gary's foibles and fuckups, a place to point to for curious newcomers who might find themselves enamored with Gary's ostensible 'passion'...which, it turns out, is really nothing but the primal whining of a hate-filled loser who resents an existence passing him by with no acknowledgement of his self-contrived 'greatness'. No skin off my nose, really, except his main thrall and spokesperson is trying to ingratiate Gary's evilism into the AN community, and that just doesn't fly with me.

Anyway, that's about the size of it. Try to use quotes when possible, and do your darndest to color inside the context lines. But wouldn't it be great to have a referral source for 'this is what he said' without having to sift through literally thousands of hours of garbage? Now, none of this is to say that the Professor won't continue to offer up his brand of well-seasoned bullshit to counter the numerous claims against his positions. Hell, he can even have his ripostes posted here, as long as it's IN WRITING and he doesn't go on some tear about murdering pregnant women or something typical of him. But here, in writing, he can be nailed to the wall for all to see and he won't be able to obfuscate with his nonstop stream of consciousness verbiage which is only used to lie and confuse. And this will work with or without his input, since unlike the mighty Professor himself I'm assumming, through loads of personal experience corresponding with you good folks, that unlike Gary you guys can argue forthrightly without playing the various dishonest games that he plays.

I'm getting ready to work on something pertinent to all of this later on today, but I'm under a load of projects at the moment so feel free to jump ahead in line if you'd like to. Let's make a list!!!


metamorphhh said...

I guess I'll start of the thread with a request for information. It seems that semi-recently Gary produced a video where he went on an even worse than usual rampage about some basic engineering principle, and when His Looniness was proven wrong he did a quick mea culpa (equating his mistake with Einstein's cosmological constant? hehehe!),
deleted the video, and then continued on with his freakshow as if nothing had occurred to rock his shipwreck. Is any or all of this true? I don't feel like wading through his cesspool of a channel today, so a little info from those who know would be appreciated.

Marbles said...

Yes, this is the reupload of the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcOxqL5MXUA

The argument was about throwing a ball upward and the relationship between what height the ball could reach vs its initial velocity (on terrestrial scales where we can assume g is always ~9.8 m/s^2). It's known that objects take (approximately) parabolic trajectories in a gravitational field and the height follows a quadratic relationship with initial velocity. This means that if I throw a ball upward with twice the velocity, it would go up four times as high.

Apparently, this was too unintuitive for Gary, and he couldn't be bothered to think through or look up the reasoning. It's a good demonstration how he didn't have any understanding of intro kinematics before spouting what he thought was the truth. In the video you can see him equating anyone who adheres to this fact to "free energy" nutcases.

The next day, he deleted the video and uploaded this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loanZ7MtUUc

As far as I understand, he came to the realization that he's wrong on his own (an extremely rare feat), but he's still railing against the idea of kinetic energy.

metamorphhh said...

You know, when some folks were worried that Gary had offed himself because of a video that cast him in a rather poor scientific light, I thought, well how's about that! The guy actually learned something!! I can certainly understand a guy like Gary going to such an extreme place rather than admit that he was wrong, but still I was pretty damned impressed at the notion that something finally sank in.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he even makes these "science" videos is telling. Some of us just accept the fact that we are ordinary people. Gary is a very low value person superficially, and attempts to increase his value with these embarrassingly bad videos. For those who can see through this charade, he actually ends up looking even worse. He's getting old, he is not attractive, he does not have a pleasant personality, he's poor, AND he's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is!

Andrew McIntosh said...

In fact, there's already been a lot of effort sifting through the bullshit to get to the pith of Gary's lunacy. You've seen the Bad Ethics channel on YT already, I take it? I have no idea who that is, and I realise that's the idea, but whoever it is deserves a bloody big drink for all her/his/their efforts. I've done a bit of scanning through Gary's stuff myself and it just becomes mind numbing in the end - he really is an appalling communicator - so for someone to go the hard yards to do that, that commands either respect or concern for their own mental state.

I also understand there's going to be a website soon, highlighting Gary and Amanda's greatest hits, as well as a few others in "the scene". Not sure when it'll be up, but I'm expecting soon.

It's taken years, but things are coming to a head since that interview Amanda conducted with Gary, and since the ANI. People are just sick of it and want to push back now.

Stephen Brough said...

I find it difficult to know where to start adding factual information about Gary - because in the four years I've been closely following his "physics" videos, I've gone through several, distinct stages of increasing appreciation of just how utterly incompetent he is in all the branches of physics he "critiques" and tries to "correct" with nothing more than a piece of chalk.

Perhaps if I start by broadly outlining the key stages, key moments when my eyes were opened a little more each time, over that four year period. Then if anyone is interested in a particular episode, or chapter, shall we say, I would be glad to expand on that.

Stage 1 - Stumbled on Gary and a few other odd characters while searching for basic information about the double slit experiment, which I had only just discovered (in my late fifties) At first the info he imparted, about the single slit experiment making pretty much the "same" on-off pattern as the two slit, seemed useful and complimentary to all the other online sources of info' to me as a newcomer.

I started listening daily just to check that a rather novel, perhaps daft "theory" I had naively developed after just a month of messing about with lasers and slits, was not the same as Gary's or anyone else's for that matter. I was soon able to rationalize that my hypothesis was nonsense but enjoyed testing other ideas, until one eventually stuck and I still work on trying to disprove that, simply because it is interesting to think about.

Stage 2 - About three months later I was getting concerned that Gary appeared to be professing knowledge of things that I knew were factually incorrect. For instance, he frequently talked about PARAMAGNETISM as if he was confused between paramagnetism and Lenz's law brake effect. It was simply annoying at first. I also found it annoying that he regularly exchanged childishly titled videos with Hythloday and perhaps Pyrrho and others too. I appealed in a comment for them to not do this and try to be professional / mature. I was a bit SHOCKED by the juvenile nature of the arguments and silly accusations. I never realized people behaved like this in science discussions.

stage 3 - Things came to a head when Gary made a long series of videos supposedly "correcting" Prof. Walter Lewin in videos of his MIT lectures. During a particular run of 5 or 6 these videos focusing on the so called RADAR interference experiments, Gary got increasingly angry each day, claiming Walter Lewin was "RIGGING" the experiment to give the desired, false results.

Gary insisted the experiment WOULD NOT / COULD NOT WORK if Walter Lewin was not transmitting an AUDIO signal on the 10 GHz microwave (so called radar) carrier wave. But this was Gary's misunderstanding. I felt embarrassed for him so after 5 days of this nonsense I wrote a long comment trying to politely explain WHY Gary's concerns were invalid - urging him to stop making those accusations.

I thought he understood because he changed his tone in the next videos but soon crept back to the same accusations - eventually venting his spleen at Hythloday for "defending" Walter Lewin.

Stage 4 - Gary appeared to "like" me for some reason up to this point and discovered a few slightly amusing videos and experiments with double slits, discussing them in a friendly way on his channel. He wanted to know where I got my good quality slits from and so I offered to buy him some and send them to him.

(continued as separate message due to character limit)

Stephen Brough said...


Stage 5 - I can't exactly remember the order of these events but at some point here, Gary verbally attacked me out of the blue, when he "discovered" a friendly comment on HYTHLODAY'S channel, in which I mentioned to Hythloday, that I also had Aspergers Syndrome the same as him and was also an ex electrician.

The Aspergers comment sent Gary into a rage of mocking me, impersonating me as if I had a severe speech disability, saying "I'm retarded and proud!" and how much he hates "you people - turning a**hole into Aspergers - F*ck you!" - I was shocked because it came out of the blue.

I retaliated but later apologized for because I didn't like being dragged down to his level. Even to this day I frequently make "Let's just talk / let's be rational" type videos to Gary but then hear his latest nonsense and remember why it's pointless trying to get him to be rational or honest.

Stage 6 - Gary then ADVERTISED A SO CALLED "JOB OFFER" paying $300 to anyone who could reproduce Walter Lewin's experiment in such a way as to PROVE Walter had been cheating and that microwave interference cannot possibly take place as described by the theory.

Importantly, Gary further hypothesized (well, more like ABSOLUTELY CLAIMED) that the MINIMA (the places were signal diminished / vanished due to phase cancellation) did not exist as described - and that all the energy was STILL THERE but was simply UNDETECTABLE because the 10GHz frequency had become DOUBLED there - due to Gary's PARTICLE THEORY of light - where he claims particles arrive at timed intervals - hence giving them frequency - and where two such transmissions coincide out of phase, that simply HALVES the time between them and thus DOUBLES the frequency to 20 GHz in this case - "breaking the receiver" as he sometimes termed it - simply meaning that the receiver was not TUNED to anything but 10GHz so could not collect the energy where it was 20GHz.

A long time later, perhaps a year or more, Gary additionally claimed we could PROVE there was no interference and that the "pattern" would go away, if we "simply" used a DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA to receive the signal, pointing to just ONE of the two transmitter horns (The receiver is usually already directional anyway - a high gain horn antenna - He doesn't seem to realize that's why it is cone shaped / horn shaped - but I have tried other, more directional antennae such as parabolic dishes and microstrip patch array antennae with very high gain and Gary's idea proves to be pure fantasy, wishful thinking. The pattern does not disappear into a continuous stream of constant, un-interfered signal, as claimed.

Nor does removing the sound and only using a meter to measure the pattern. Again, pure fantasy on Gary's part.

Additionally, Gary' claim that the 4 x INTENSITY PHENOMENA that Walter Lewin ends his lecture on, "would not happen if there was no sound on the experiment" is complete nonsense. I've tested many times.

Gary doesn't seem to be aware that the standard equipment supplied to universities etc to conduct these experiments / demonstrations, INCLUDES A MODULATION OFF SWITCH! which means the user can conduct the same experiment with or without sound modulating the carrier - Why would they include an off switch to the sound modulation feature IF as Gary has claimed for 3 years or so, switching it off would reveal the experiment to be a fraud?

Gary fails to realize how DULL the experiment is WITHOUT sound to enable an audience to vividly appreciate the interference pattern - Following a tiny meter needle or read out makes it incredibly tedious and less immediate.

I should emphasize though, that for the first 3 years, I did not even realize he had said ANY of the vile things he say's under the excuse of "Efilism" - all that has come as a shock too.

To be continued

Andrew McIntosh said...

Hello Stephen. What you write about Gary's reaction to you having Asperger's is as revolting as it is par for the course with that man. I dig the rest of what you've written, but that blatant bigotry is what makes me grind my teeth. Looks like you learned the hard way. The man is a pure bigot, nothing more.

Andrew McIntosh said...

Jim, have you seen this? -