Monday, March 15, 2021

2 Steves Wearing Truth on Their Sleeves, or So I Believes :) and Just a little civic duty vis-a-vis evilism in general and the Professor in particular. Couldn't figure out how to embed them with my android or I would have, but these link will take you straight to the two Steves. Enjoy!


Weirdo said...

Where does one even begin? inmendham has two basic problems.

1. He has a litany of psychopathologies longer than my grocery list. Now, I'm not exactly one to be talking. But he is multiply fucked in many of the worst possible ways. He is both wildly narcissistic *and* severely paranoid and anxiety-prone--that is a nasty combination, which neatly makes sense of some of his more psychotic screeching outbursts where he wishes death on other people for the crime of, let's see, mildly criticizing a detail of one of his shit-tier childish "arguments."

2. He is a plainly stupid man. This is a guy who has argued that force *doesn't* equal mass times acceleration in complete seriousness. Even allowing that he's too dumb to grok simple principles of middle-school physics and first-grade arithmetic, is he really so braindead that he can't see that if the whole world had been wrong all along about f = ma, there'd be about a billion engineering solutions all around us that simply WOULD NEVER WORK yet somehow do? Only a fullblown fucking idiot could fail to realize the ludicrous implications of the astronomically stupid shit he spouts, which, of course, is exactly what he does and so exactly what he is. And I haven't even mentioned the fact that he is borderline illiterate, struggles to parse simple words as if he's encountered a Martian dialect, and still can't figure out how to structure a two-premise argument after 10+ years of "debating" "philosophy" online.

What this all very depressingly amounts to is a total loser who has catastrophically failed in every single respect in his life. Like a lot of resentment-filled losers he lashes out at everyone else by taking up the mantle of "intellectual" and presenting himself as the ultra-genius of world history who discovered the master-key to all existence, compared to whom other people (minus his groveling sycophants, if he's in a good mood) are subhuman "fucktards." Complete failures like him love to retreat from the world that has spurned them to the turf of their own mind in this way because there they get to pick all the rules and standards of evaluation. Fortunately or unfortunately for inmendham there's enough of a glimmer of self-awareness left somewhere in his atrophied brain that he's regularly threatened by people who are clearly smarter than him, who, on some level, let him see what an embarrassing moron he really is. This is why we get hour-long Mosher schizo rambles wherein he tries to demolish public intellectuals who are enjoying real success. Remember when he couldn't stfu about Jordan Peterson? (As it happens, I don't like Peterson's work either, but I'll eat an entire LIVE HORSE if he doesn't have at least a good two standard deviations of IQ on the blithering ginger bigfoot.)

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catothewiser said...

Gary's lack of self-awareness makes him one of the greatest unintentional comedians of all time. MindlessMarbles shows Gary's inability to grasp the units of acceleration here without having to delve in to Gary's own drawn out videos (a defense mechanism I think even he is not aware of - knowing almost no one can watch his enormous amounts of videos so he buries his sophistry in volumes of BS hoping his unifying theory will organically grow from it, passively.)