Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Greetings From the World of Tomorrow!

Hiya! FYI, the title has nothing to do with anything, just the first thing that came to my mind. Anywho, for those few who might have been wondering, I just wanted to drop in to say I'm still alive and kicking. Had some personal tragedy that really put me off my feed for a long time, but I'm slowly crawling out of my hole until the next thing strikes me down. That's the way of life, you do until you don't. Anything new and interesting going on in the AN community lately? I have to admit I haven't been paying much attention to anything for the last year and a half. I think I may have dropped a comment here or there, but that's been it for me. I see Mosher's still twisting in the same feedback vortex he's been stuck in for the last ten years. I'd suggest a new topic, maybe unicorns or something. Arguing for things that don't exist seems to be firmly in his wheelhouse, and of course the only REAL EVIDENCE of anything in the world is what pops up in his mangled little brain, after all. BTW, been loving Stephen Brough's actual science as opposed to Mosher's pseudo-scientific approach. Then again, Gary IS a highly religious man after all, as I've pointed out previously. But other than that crazy cracker, what's everybody been up to re AN, if anything?


TGGP said...

Google is now requiring me to sign in even to read this blog, after first clicking that I'm not scared to read sensitive content or whatever. The old days of the free & wild internet fading away, though not completely gone.

metamorphhh said...

Hiya TGGP! Ltns! I put the 'read sensitive content' in a while back because of the censorship tendencies these days. The signing in part is new to me. Yeesh.

Karl said...

Glad to see you're still around, Jim. Was worried after your long silence. I have the impression that the online AN world is pretty quiet these days. Have a feeling everything was said, arguments put forth, counter-arguments rebutted in the great glory days of its birth c.07-11. Even Gary only posts his vids every couple weeks now. Anyway, great to hear from you! Karl

metamorphhh said...

Karl! Glad to see you're still kickin', and hopefully you're generally happy and well. Yeah, I'm not sure how much more there is to say, but...well, you never know. Can't say if I'll be writing anything myself, but again... Good to see you, my friend.

Chip said...

Jim! Nice to see a new message from you here, perhaps especially after all you've been dealing with.

People seem to have pronounced AN a dead letter, but I tend to think that's because we're a bunch of jaded old punks.

Have you seen the film It's Such a Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfeldt? I'll recommend it for what jogs if not. It's set in a unique key and captures such delicate verities, I think, about the experience of grief and loss and the strange situation of being anything at all (to paraphrase a line from that Neutral Milk Hotel song). Would love to hear your take.

Another not-so-recent event was the publication of the book, A Feeling of Wrongness
Pessimistic Rhetoric on the Fringes of Popular Culture, by Joseph Packer and Ethan Stoneman. I thought it was a fascinating pop-cult analysis of the embedded influence of AN subcurrents in contemporary media, and it might be something to write about.

Do take care, man. I'll be in touch privately as soon as I get a couple of items off my front burner. Blog culture is dead. Long live blog culture.

Karl said...

Someone who met him told me that although Benatar is a Jewish atheist, he does attend Synagogue. Very interesting.

Unknown said...

I'm doing all right, Jim. Great to see you. I'm still an AN. I post a lot on reddit these days. There's r/TrueAntinatlists for a more civilized discussion. The original r/Antinatalism thread is a cesspool.

My beliefs are a little bit more refined now, especially the definitions and criteria of "good" and "bad" (broadly speaking). The long and short: I firmly saying good-pleasure has lower priority over stopping bad-misery. Plus my definitions of "good" and "bad" are less about perceptive states than they are about actual states of being (i.e., cult members, slaves, and impoverished people can have their joyous moments but still are in a bad state overall). I don't know if I qualify as a Negative Utilitarian, Sufficientarian, or Prioritarian, but I do say good is morally important only to the extent that it actually reverses or prevents a bad, and not some emotional band-aid or anesthetic.