Friday, February 1, 2008

Links to Your Child's Possible Future

To those who've investigated my links under the heading 'links to your child's possible future'; no, I am not trying to instill paranoia. Life is risky, no doubt, and we all take our chances- hell, I commute to work on a bicycle most days, and have had my rear-view mirror clinked once or twice. The list is just my attempt to bring abstract wishful thinking at best, and utter denial at worst, down into the realm of the real world. Tragedy, suffering, abject misery; all these things are here to stay, ladies and gentlemen. It's one thing to risk yourself, quite another to risk future generations on what comes down to a procreative whim (at least, in a lot of cases. And the alternative motivations aren't any better, IMO). If you really need a dolly to play with, then by all means, adopt. The movement from orphan to beloved child is almost certainly always skyward. But when you conceive, it's as if you've dropped your baby out of a plane without a parachute...the only questions are:

1) When will he/she hit the ground?

2) How hard will she/he hit?

3) How rough will the turbulence get during the plummet?

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