Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays

I haven't read it yet...just a little pre-plug. I'll offer a review at first opportunity.


Considering where I come down on deontological positions, I imagine I'll enjoy it (plus, you really can't go wrong with NineBandedBooks. See my review of their last offering... http://antinatalismoddsandends.blogspot.com/2008/04/man-who-saw-his-own-liver-book-review.html ).

Check it out!


Chip said...

Thanks for the plug, Jim. It's a fun and provocative book, and I know there are a few L.A. Rollins fans out there. I just need to find them.

With the grit of this project behind me, I should be back to shooting spitballs at the Hog soon.

Sister Y said...

The book cover says he's been published on Boing Boing, but I can't find it in their archives.

Chip said...

The credit refers to the old print edition of Boing Boing -- back when it was a small circulation zine. I think they reprinted some of his "Lucifer's Lexicon" definitions. I can find out, if you're curious.

compoverde said...

Howdy to the author of this blog, I am so glad that there are other minds out there that share the same views as I have had for so long. I just want to say I've read some of your blog and agree wholeheartedly with the antinatalist philosophy. I too have a copy of the David Benatar book and am a fan of his philosophy as well. Before I even encountered your site and before I even read David Benatar's book, I created two webpages on what I called the "Anti-Procreation Movement". The first website I created has the most comments and is just a big rant that is very poorly edited but has great emotional content. This website is: www.anti-procreationmovement.blogspot.com. The second website is slightly better edited and much more academic in tone. This one is: www.condemnedtoexistence.blogspot.com. I have labeled my philosophy "Anti-Procreation" and have been wanting to start an Anti-Procreation Revolution for a long time. You call the same philosophy (of life's suffering being a reason to cease from procreating) antinatalism. I think we should combine our efforts. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Always happy to have company on this uphill climb, compoverde. Your links are on my blogroll...welcome aboard!

AlonsoQuixano said...

Arthur Schopenhauer would have gotten along very well with this fellow. Anyone who enjoys this book should look into any work by Schopenhauer. Besides having been perhaps the greatest pessimist in history, his work also has antinatalism as a general conclusion.