Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Philipp Mainlander

Some new links from Compoverde:

A near contemporary of Arthur Schopenhauer. Nietzsche didn't seem to like him much...didn't see him as ubermensch material, I gather. Greatly influenced by Schopenhauer's 'The World as Will and Representation', he went on to write his own philosophical treatise, requesting it be published under the pseudonym 'Philipp Mainlander', because "...he would abhor nothing more than “being exposed to the eyes of the world” (antinatalism IS the GREATEST taboo, after all).

“Our world”, writes Mainlander in his Philosophy of Redemption “is the means and the only means of achieving nonexistence”. In his view, immortality, the eternal existence, is unbearable and agonizing even for God. But as God is eternal by nature, the only way to achieve nonexistence for the immortal God, who is beyond space-time and matter, is to transfer Himself into universe, that is to escape from the logically impossible into the logically plausible. “Thus”, continues Mainlander, “everything in the universe is directed towards nonexistence”. Therefore, Mainlander concluded, all mankind must ultimately realize that nonexistence is better than existence. When a person becomes enlightened in this awareness, he or she will end their existence by committing suicide and in this way complete the process of redemption.


Here is a theological view that turns prosaic intuition on its head, no? If nothing else, it serves as kick-ass allegory! WE are the culmination of God's death wish! The Divine lifeblood leeching into the vacuum...numencide by entropy. Wow, this is an exciting concept! Though, it's my opinion that the same end can more easily be achieved by non-procreative means.

Coincidentally, i wrote a collection of poems called 'Castaway' a while back, and ended it with a ten part haiku and triplet that feels appropriate right here. Oh, and thanks again, Compoverde...great links!

A Haiku Fable (Castaway epilogue)

when God slit his wrists
life issued forth forever
stained and innocent

with his dying breath
God tried to take it back but
it was an exhale

all existence fled
into the void riding on
that mephitic wind

dreamless sleep drifts on
a null sea blind radiance
a broken circle

sequence extension
pus from creation’s sore a
link becomes a chain

cilia writhe stretch
howl with the agony of

feed back looped wedding
ringed street smart ganglia fills
up the pussy space

order established
now down to business time to
polish the mirror

all strays accounted
for the last has become the
whole we are not two

reflection is self
Narcissus is sucked in and
it begins again

In Summation-

Place the eye of an eagle inside the mind of a man…
Take him up to about 70,000 feet, and then…
Drop him, and hear the music of humanity…the end


Anonymous said...

As for "god's deathwish"--have you read much about Gnosticism?

These early Christians believed that "god" was in effect a satanic demiurge who created matter then trapped spirit in it. (And then commissioned religions to force people to worship and breed new converts to the religions of that "god.")

The Gnostics were of course considered heretics. Apparently quite a few of their sects included nonbreeding of more humans (i.e., trapping eternal spirit in matter). Between that and being rounded up and burned by The Church(es), the tradition has stayed mostly underground.

I often sense that breeding is "god"'s practical joke. I'm an atheist, but the times I've sensed something that others might call "god," I've sensed mostly a vast anguish in its being. Confusion, fear, anger, trappedness--all of which the Gnostics (and Hindus, and Buddhists, and shamans, and others) identified as the wretched concomitant of completely avoidable incarnation.

Step off the wheel! Don't breed humans or animals!

Sildenafil Citrate said...

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Anonymous said...

How do I get in contact with kindred spirits like you. I am so terribly alone in my own thoughts.

metamorphhh said...

jazz: I know what you mean, I've run across this feeling a lot over the years. In a world built on lies and half-truths, there's not much room for staunch pessimism. I'm sure you'll run across kindred spirits here on the net, anyway; not so sure in real life outside the computer screen. I hope you find what you're looking for. Best to you.