Monday, March 1, 2010

This and That...

Book news- Soon. Last minute look-overs, final assessments, MAYBE another endorsement. Soon. And I'd ask a favor. If anyone has a good suggestion to send a review copy out to, please let me know. Soon.

New blog- Recent comments have provoked me to consider setting up an ancillary blog to this one. I'll call it 'Voices of Antinatalism' or something corny like that. I'm looking for real-life accounts from readers, as well as general reflections on the subject. No length limits one way or the other. I'll probably set it up in the next couple of days with an email addy. I'm hoping many of you will participate. I'll hammer out the details and post it on the blog when I get it up. Thanks.

Book review- In the works, on this blog. I'll save the author as a surprise. I'm very excited!

Personal tragedy- Well, personal once removed, I guess, though it has my gut in a knot tonight. Some friends of mine, very close friends of my daughter, had informally adopted a 2 yr. old girl from an acquaintance who basically abandoned the child into their hands. She's out of the picture, but the grandmother has been fighting for custody. This is a woman who recently chased HER daughter, the baby's mother, around the house with a butcher knife, trying to kill her. Drug problems, yada, yada, yada.

Anyway, a few hours ago the final court decision came down on the side of the grandmother. Everyone at this end is devastated. They've been through two or three surgeries with her, necessitated by neglect, and I can't imagine what it's going to be like for all involved. This is a wonderful child, and soon she will be handed over into what I feel is an unfit environment for the sake of blood ties. I'm not looking for any input here...just needed to get it off my chest. Life sucks.

Let's see, anything else? Just thanks, I guess, for a wonderful and enlightened readership. For the support, the honest criticisms, and for taking the time out of your lives to drop a line or two, now and again. I want to save lives here, and every one counts. Every voice counts, as well. Again, thank you.

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