Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now That I'm Back...

Every once in a while I promise myself that I'm going to concentrate on cleaning up this blog a bit. You know, tighten up the writing, more professional, less personally revealing, yada yada yada. I'm still trying, but I'm really not sure I have it in me. What it all boils down to is that this blog is about my children, and about my love for them, which is probably awfully perplexing for the folks who don't know me, considering the subject matter. In the end, I'll probably leave such heavy lifting to the other folks around here; they seem to be much better at it, anyway.

Contrary to what I've gleaned from many folks' experiences, raising my children was an unadulterated joy. I loved every minute of it (well, most of them, anyhow). I just never want to leave the impression that I ever think less than the world of them. They are the wellsprings of my best feelings, and I will love them, effortlessly, until that last minute when I cease to exist. As bad as I believe life is, I would suffer it for eternity if I could be there for them. One day I won't be, and that's what hurts more than anything.


Chip said...

Glad to see you back, Jim! That's a good lookin' brood you got there.

The blog would be well-served with an FAQ section. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

Who would have guessed Jim had jungle fever? Just kidding, Jim!

Anonymous said...

This is a sweet post. Thanks for sharing the pic of you and your girls. A lovely family you are.

TGGP said...

In addition to the melanin discrepancy, I was confused at first because one had short hair and boyish clothes.

CM said...

Your daughters are beautiful, Jim (and you are not so bad yourself:)) Now there are two pictures of you on the Intertubes!


women are known to occasionally get haircuts. As for menswear for women, I've heard something about Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s. Recent development, I know.

Anonymous said...

THIS is why the human race is doomed. Instinctual bonding wins over reason EVERY time. And in an antinatalism blog!

Anonymous said...

What are you referring to, Anonymous? I don't get it. Do you mean Jim bonding with his kids? Or the comments? I'm pretty sure neither is the result of instinct winning over reason; I think we're pretty aware of some of our instincts around here.

Karl said...

For anyone who's interested in the sterilising junkies debate, here's a view from the other side. Interesting range of comments.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are still going strong with this blog! Arthur Schopenhauer got the ball rolling for me years ago and last year I found David Benatar. I loved his book but wished for something more personal. Your book was exactly what I was looking for and now to find such a great gathering of information and people here! I hope it continues for a long time. There are so few places like it.


Former Shadow said...

THIS is why the human race is doomed. Instinctual bonding wins over reason EVERY time. And in an antinatalism blog!


This statement is correct. This whole human thing is ok, but there´s a very thin layer between this humanity and giving birth to another being.

This post has nothing to do with antinatalism. It´s a human post, from a human person. Who suffers, who cares. It´s a post of man in all his sensibility. And that is ok.

I saw one movie this saturday. It´s called Knowing with Nicholas Cage. In the end, we all knew the earth was going to be incinerated. But something, some voice, deep inside, kept telling us: "no, there´s no way, someone has to live! At least Cage´s protagonist HAS to live!"

What the hell was that? In Jims book,he says something alone those lines: "no one has the balls to push the red button" when discussing that movie, Children of Men.

There´s this raw power inside us, to live, to go on.

To torment this, is no light matter.

But we have to be on guards: because it is oh! so very easy to give in to Hope, Faith and Life.