Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Recommendation- The Denial of Death

I thought the little disclaimer at the end of this little review was kind of amusing:

This book is highly recommended for both therapists and those interested in existential thought. However, it is not recommended to be read when life is looking overly bleak.


Anonymous said...

My question: when is life not overly bleak?

Sister Y said...

During the act of copulation. Which is the only appropriate time to read Ernest Becker.

metamorphhh said...

Either way, you're screwed...nyuk, nyuk.

metamorphhh said...

There's a nice sonnet in the book by Marcia Lee Anderson I'd like to share:


We multiply diseases for delight,
Invent a horrid want, a shameful doubt,
Luxuriate in license, feed on night,
Make inward bedlam-and will not come out.
Why should we? Stripped of subtle complications,
Who could regard the sun except with fear?
This is our shelter against contemplation,
Our only refuge from the plain and clear.
Who would crawl out from under the obscure
To stand defenseless in the sunny air?
No terror of obliquity so sure
As the most shining terror of despair
To know how simple is our deepest need,
How sharp, and how impossible to feed.

Sharkbabe said...

Glad this blog seems to be still chugging along despite Jim's hiatus.

Honestly I'm still so lost in thought from the things I've read here and at the brilliant Sister Y's, I'm unable to formulate any coherent commentary at the moment.

I will say, this shit is my home. Hopefully I'll have some quality blathering to contribute eventually.

Sharkbabe said...




metamorphhh said...


Sometimes, when Sister Y's copulating. Oh, and when 'Big Bang Theory' is on. But the overall picture doesn't look good, and never has.

Sister Y:

Alas, fate has consigned me to solitary pleasures the last couple of years, though I have fond memories. However, I AM enjoying the book, though I'm over halfway done and am fearing the conclusion that's coming. On the bright side, it dovetails nicely into my own new project, so I'm considering it time well spent, and I MAY provide the answer I'm afraid Becker's going to avoid (though I haven't finished yet...just guessing).


Glad to have you with us. Looking forward to your input. And, yes, Sister Y IS a brilliant writer and contributor, without a doubt.