Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Tin Foil Man

Sung to the tune Do It Again by Steely Dan

In the mornin' you go gunnin'
for the gal who stole your semen
And you shove til she is done in
'cause you hates them pregnant women
All the evilists start singin'
as they worship at your feet.
Then they ask you how you're hangin'
and you start to beat your meat

And they yell "Back, Jack, do it again!"
Girls tumbling 'round and down
"You go back, Jack, and do it again!"

When you know she's no high climber
then you need another plan.
So you sneak up from behind her
and you hit her with a pan
Then you act a little naughty
with her, now that she's compliant
Later when they find the body
You come at them all defiant

And you scream "Back, Jack, I'll do it again!
Girls tumbling 'round and down
I'll go back, Jack, and do it again!"

Now you swear and kick and tell us
That you're really a good guy
It's a tale you've tried to sell us
But it's one just blind men buy
All the rest of us can see you
for the charlatan you are
It's what happens when an ego
Tries too hard to be a star, yeah

But you'll go back, Jack, and do it again
Girls tumbling 'round and down
You'll go back, Jack, and do it again



Andrew McIntosh said...

Jim, any thoughts on the Anitnatalist International that's just been officially assembled?

Anonymous said...

You may be interested in the recent debacle:
The comments by gary's fans in that video are really telling.
There's no way to reason with some of these people, it's actually stunning.

When gary makes strawman and unnecessary invective, they ignore it and reach for whatever half-coherent argument they can find and squeeze out of gary's shit-ridden content. And then they'll accuse YOU of taking things too personally.

But when you make critiques, gary's fans will go out of their way to avoid any of the arguments (you can literally see this in the comment section) and instead go out of their way to accuse you of making strawman or invective for the SLIGHTEST slipup if any.

ANNND... In a recent video of gary, someone pointed out this quote: "You can have your little antinatalism. Go ahead. Play with it all you want. I don't want to have anything to do with it, frankly."

metamorphhh said...

;Andrew- I don't know any of the details, but if it's about dissemination of information, then I'm all for it.

Anonymous: Yeah, that group is pretty much cut off from any reasonable form of argumentation or criticism. All that's left is mockery, as I see it, anyway. Apologists for their Pope. Although thinking about it, he argues more like a protestant fundamentalist. Uses the Gish Gallop a lot, and approaches subjects like a lawyer who knows his client is guilty. The bread and butter of fundys. That's why I've challenged him to a written debate; much harder to get away with that shit in writing. And he can be sure he'll be treated with all the due respect with which he communicates with others. :)

As for the 'little antinatalism' thing, I sure wish he'd get that message across to his more fervent proselytizers. like maybe straight out say something like "Stop linking me with antinatalism in any way, shape or form!" Otherwise you've gotta wonder about his sincerity.

metamorphhh said...

Oh yeah, one more thing. I about fell off my chair when I recently heard him literally excuse himself from rationally addressing criticism, because certain challenges 'trigger' him. LOL! Fucking snowflake!

Andrew McIntosh said...

Gary was in the "launch" video of the Antinatalist International, wearing their t-shirt. Then, a day or so later, he posted a video saying he wanted nothing to do with it.

But they're listing efilism as one of "the four schools of anti-procreative thought", the other three being AN, VHEM and childfree. Which means that they're spreading efilism around.

metamorphhh said...

Oh. Well, that's a shame.

metamorphhh said...

You know, with Gary being an advocate for murdering pregnant women and all the rest of his ignorant and hate filled rhetoric. Real shame.

metamorphhh said...

One can only wonder how many of his worshippers are practicing on kittens even now, working up the courage to take on bigger game some day. That's what sets evilism apart, isn't it? Taking real world action as opposed to 'just talk'?

metamorphhh said...

And with that twisted psycho-sexual hold he seems to have on his true believers, it's probably gonna hit the papers sooner or later, which I imagine will please him to no end. He'll finally get that recognition that he craves. And then there's that Nobel Prize which most certainly is in the mail, yesserie!

metamorphhh said...

"The greatest kindness will not bind the ungrateful." Samuel Croxall

Anonymous said...


I told myself to stop wasting my time on him, but I can't resist talking about how he just managed to out-daft himself in his dec 16 & 17 vids.

He is now arguing against basic high school physics formulas. What's fascinating is the way he is doing it.

First, he says that energy is the SAME as momentum, and he says it so casually and confidentially like it's a well-known fact we should all know. Next, he says that energy is the square of momentum (it's not). NEXT, when pointed out on his fib, he goes on to say that the formula he's shown is valid, but everyone is misusing it. (One of the guys is desperate for getting him to understand basic unit analysis.)

I am just fascinated with the mental gymnastics this idiot can go through and the sheer volume of ignorance he can display. How is he this blind to his ignorance? He even said, don't listen to physics girl because you won't ace the AP physics test... was he implying the test is on his side?!?? What the actual fuck?

The best part of it all: For 10 years he has been talking about "kinetic collisions" (not a standard term... but he's made it loud and clear that he's in it for the ideas rather than petty semantics so OK I'll give him a break there). Despite all those 10 years name-dropping words like "kinetic" and "energy," he hasn't had the faintest clue of the basic formula used everywhere (including engineering disciplines like aeronautics, fluid mechanics, etc).

But seriously, I'm going to try ignoring his barks. It's just that the last two vids have been especially daft which I didn't think was possible. Christmas special maybe?

metamorphhh said...

The very sad irony here is that Gary, who seems so concerned about his legacy, will only leave behind thousands of hours of a blithering, mean-spirited maniac screaming nonsense at the camera, to eventually be replaced by some new nutjob of the week. I pity him for the self esteem issues that have driven him into this corner, but I doubt there's any sort of redemption in his future. He's stated flat out that he doesn't believe in personal growth. What's left to do other than plant warning signs around him like you'd do around a toxic spill? That's what I've focused on for the last couple of months here on my blog, and probably will continue to do now and again as the mood strikes me. At least until any association between his evilism and AN is severed, or more likely minimized so that only his few diehard hangers-on will buy what he's selling.

Anonymous said...

"He's stated flat out that he doesn't believe in personal growth." Narcissists are incapable of personal growth. Everything about Gary becomes crystal clear once you realize that he's a malignant narcissist. He's simultaneously a victim and a hero, both classic narcissistic traits.

metamorphhh said...

Yeah, he definitely seems to check all of the boxes. I heard him the other day rhapsodizing about what Superman would do. lol. *cue the final scene of The Boys, season 2.

Muhamad Ghozi Wijaya said...
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