Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Antinatalist Fun

Sick day. Bored crazy. So I made a 'famous last words' list. Feel free to contribute.

Billy Graham: "There is NO God!"

Dr. Phil: "I really don't know anything."

Richard Dawkins: "I've accepted Jesus as my lord and savior."

Osama Bin Laden: "Could somebody get me a ham sandwich?"

The Dalai Lama: "Fuck everybody!"

George W. Bush: "The eschewal of obfuscation is my priority. Oh, and I'm gay."

Bill Clinton: " 'Is'...IS."

Gore Vidal: "I raped Jack Kerouac, and I'm glad!"

Tyra Banks: "Why are you choking me?"

John McCain: "Oh, you meant THAT Keating!"

Jesse Jackson: "Rizzle vanizzle white's alright nnngggggggggggg..........."

Jesus Christ: "Oh SHIT!"

Mohammed: "I was just keeping an eye on her, bro."

Gautama Buddha: "Enlightenment my ass! That antinatalism guy is the REAL boddhisatva."

Mark McGwyer: "My arms hurt!"

Harrison Ford: "Just kill me."

Will Smith: "I was typecast. I WAS TYPECAST!"

Mother Theresa: "On the other hand, I got these cool threads!"

Homer Simpson: "Stop drawing me...doh!"

Barbara Walters: "My face feels itchy."

Star Jones: "I was the one who put ants in her wrinkle cream."

Ringo Starr: "I was the best Beatle!"

Michael Jordan's 'doctor': "Michael Jordan is a robot."

Donald Trump: Couldn't speak through the pillow.

1 comment:

Chip said...

Ernie: Bert!!

Bert: Ernie?

(Obviously, a murder-suicide.)