Sunday, October 18, 2020

Gladiator, or Pussygator? The Ring of Fire is Open for Business

OK, tough guy, here's your shot. I'm leaving this space open on the off chance that you can fire off a paragraph or two without shitting yourself. Ball's in your court! Time to kitten up, or shut up. Just say your piece in the comments section. I'll even make an exception and let some of your viler stuff in, as long as it's not completely over the top hatred or silliness.

UPDATE: Again, on the off chance that you're not gonna puss 'n' boots out of here, the rule is simple. You challenge me, I answer, then I challenge you and you answer. This ain't my first rodeo, alley cat. Oh, and no worries. I'll treat you and your arguments with exactly the same amount of respect as you treat everybody else. Now how could anything be more fair? If nothing else, maybe you'll learn a lesson about arguing in good faith. Lol! Who am I kidding? You learn a lesson? The list of inanimate objects with more class and integrity than you is long and growing, pretty much any time any creature on this planet takes a dump. See you in the funny pages, chumppppppppp.


He IS a cute little feller, ain't he?

Oh, and no comments by anyone else here. Feelin' kind of a mano v. pervo vibe going on. Can you feel it?

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