Saturday, October 17, 2020

That Cat!

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Garfield the Lasagnificent said...

I'm pretty sure all of his followers know it's just a kink on their parts. They know that they consciously never develop objections to anything Greyroots says, because if they did, that would imperil their submissive role-play. They have to constantly maintain a subordinate, groveling role, or else they can't indulge their desire to be stepped on by a superior being. And even when a small fraction of them do see outside their kink long enough to develop an objection, they're painfully aware that they could never say this to their sado-dad's face. He would flip a shit if they did. So, they are content with their lightless, groveling existence as mucking tadpoles, dreaming of cat-killing brigades and democratic omnicide, all while daily perusing Greyroot's extensive self-created pornography collection, as can be seen on his DoNotGod site.

Meanwhile, they all cultivate a sense of superiority. They're the only ones who understand anything. Naturally, they must be. They're the only ones sucking Greyroots's toes, after all. And when he gets a Nobel prize, and all the world praises him for his scientific acumen, they'll be vindicated. They'll leave their rooms, en masse, and become the leaders of the glorious revolution, all under their supreme leader. He'll no doubt put them in charge of the democratic cat gulags and down-stair-pushing factories. That is their explicit, verifiable dream, that they couldn't even dream of extricating themselves from, even if they tried for billions of years. There is no force in this cosmos or any other which could ever wake up the kind of mental darkness that fetishizes a guy like that. It's over. It's the end. There's no hope.

But like the chickenshits they are, they'll still apologize for the worst of Greyroots. The pro-rape comments? Oh, just misinterpreted. An agoraphobic arm-chair physicist with uncontrollable anger problems and an extensive gallery of him masturbating online definitely doesn't carry out rape fantasies on his nicotine-baked thrift store sofa. Especially not imagining himself in the form of a lion hybrid.

The screaming and hollering like an overgrown toddler, even at his supporters? He's just a very passionate man.

The Nazis didn't really want to exterminate their sworn enemies. . . the Jews and Allies made up all that holocaust stuff? Oh, well, Greyroots also made similar comments on the Armenian and Congolese genocides, right? His particular focus is definitely not motivated by thinly-veiled hatred. And all Greyroot's submissives are deeply invested in finding out all the details of real history, just like he is, the noble soul.

Problem is, the recordings exist, stupid. Can't re-write history around your dipshit fetishes forever.


metamorphhh said...

Yeah, it's sad, believe me, Missy
When you're born a sissy
And life throws you a curve
But you could show your prowess
Be a lion, not a mouse
If you only had the nerve

I'm afraid there's no denyin'
That you're a toothless lion
A fate no one deserves
You could be so much less fucked up
If you only kept your pants up
But you just ain't got the nerve

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that people who like to dominate others, seem to be declawed when communicating only in text. There's some serious ape shit going on there. Domination tools like shouting, vocal tone changes, facial expressions etc, are removed from the dominators tool kit.

metamorphhh said...

Reminds me of that Kennedy/Nixon debate a million years ago. The people who heard it on the radio thought Nixon won it, opposite on television.