Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Prelude to an Interview

Well, it's been a long night but the interview is in the can; the can being sound files, actually. Now it's down to transcription followed by publication, but all that starts later after I've managed to catch a few zzz's.

What can I tell you? The interview was muy fantastico! I won't say it went off without a hitch, and I'm a teensy bit apprehensive about how much material will remain after I've edited out the Tourette's and such, but hey, that goes for pretty much any interview, yeah? Seriously, is that the way it really goes? I've never hosted an interview before. We laughed (Well, I laughed. The Professor doesn't own much in the way of a sense of humor), we cried (at times he wept uncontrollably for some reason. I suggested he remove the nipple clamps, but he said they help him think). We dove thoroughly into subjects like his love life, his work history, personal accomplishments and the like, and then I finished my cigarette and we did the rest of the interview (I only smoked it halfway down...trying to quit).

So anyway, I hope you stay tuned. It might be a couple of days, thinking about posting it in sections. Ugh, got some organizing to do. See you then!


Former Shadow said...

Hey Jim, how are you? Its me, Shadow, you know, a long long time ago contributor of AN topics. I had a blog - The Last Page. Do you remember? Anyway... after a long long long while... some rethinks on life, falling in and out of God, and several other ideas... long story short, I was looking to start a farm, and then I went on this rabbithole and longer than not I read some stories of people commiting absurds against animals in animal factories. It kinda stunned me and now Im considering becoming vegetarian again - at least, eating fish only rarely and start giving up animal products for good. Its a long battle I had since the days I wrote on the blog and I loopholed by making myself feel good by being an AN. After thinking that "hey things are not that bad" several times, Im here again, after some breakdowns last year, confounded in the sheer amount of absurds going on in this planet. One thing let to another, and looking stuff up, your videos came by on youtube. and then I followed to this blog, I didnt think you still wrote here. How are things? Are you feeding hummingbirds? I feed cats. Yeah. That is part of the equation that makes me think about it all also. But cats at least are a bit more natural and dependant on meat, I guess. I made a promise to help them and other animals. Anyway.. good writing here after a long while. I hope to get a reply.

metamorphhh said...

Hey, Shadow, of course I remember you. Welcome back.

Good on you if you decide to become a vegetarian, just wanted to say that it isn't necessary to become a vegetarian to follow AN principles, which are few and consist primarily of not procreating. Still, good luck to you with that, man!

Sounds like you've been through some things, glad to see you've come out the other side, hopefully unscathed for the most part :)

I'm going in a different direction with the AN thing. Gonna start calling myself a post-antinatalist, I think. Don't be alarmed at some of the recent poison penning. Just taking care of a little business, shouldn't last forever. :)

Anywho, great to see you here, man! Can't say for sure how long I'll be writing here again, but it feels like it might be a little while, anyway. At least until the end of October when I can watch TV again (I took a break).

Good luck to you and yours, Shadow!

Former Shadow said...

thank you Jim

Yeah, thing is, I like AN, but over the years, I shift my instance several times. And was maybe thinking of maybe having a child, If I ever got the chance. For a while I began working in this concept of "transnatalism", which would mean something like you dont have to not have a kid, if you are working on AN principles in general. Kinda like vegans have kids to spread the vegan message. Idk if its the same thing when you say 'post-antinatalism'.

I´ve certainly been trhough a lot of ups and downs, suicidal thoughts always made do it, been to doctors on a off medication - lots of thoughts, philosophies. and Im still kinda lost. But I decided I will settle all in the coming years.

You mean you wont post anymore in the blog again? It was good finding it and reading, for a while, it reminded me of a simple(r) time, when I had found this blog for the first time, in 2010. God, how much hope I had even though I was already visiting this blog - I think it was the youth blood? Idk (I was 27...)...

I will continue to look for a while if you write, specially these days, since I am a bit lost. The part of TV? lol.

I fear becoming homeless, good to know things are ok so far with you over there.

Thanks man.
You too.

metamorphhh said...

Shadow-Life is a rollercoaster, isn't it? Would you really want to put a child through the stuff you're going through, or worse? I don't think so, you seem like much too decent a person.

As for the rest, I feel for you and your difficulties, an easy thing to say for someone who's not in the midst of them at the present time. Do you have any hobbies? I have several which I plan on sharing on the blog eventually, IF I continue writing past October. Been off TV since the 1st, been off the dope for 3 days now and as I told my best friend the other day, feeling a bit like the nurses in Silent Hill lol.

Anyway, so glad to see you and to know you're still out there. Thanks for contributing.

Anonymous said...

About Inmendham's science stuff, it really shows you how deep people's kinks go that even allegedly science-minded ANs are so willing to throw out the accumulated studies and observations of science for what some freaky blonde crust Fabio dreamed up while outside one day taking a shit on a dandylion.

Gotta have that sado-dad worship! Can't live without it.

Anonymous said...

About the Professor Greyroots science stuff, it really shows you how deep people's kinks go that even allegedly science-minded ANs are so willing to throw out the accumulated studies and observations of science for what some freaky blonde crust Fabio dreamed up while outside one day taking a shit on a dandylion. Gotta have that sado-dad worship! Can't live without it.

Gorgon the Magnificent said...

Greyroots followers are all simps. Guarantee you that most of these Onlyfans incels would change their view of physics if their hired waifu told them she had some new theories. Efilists aren't any different. They all believe Greyroots will get a Nobel Prize someday for it. He could tell them the moon was made out of his belly-button lint and 90% of Efilists would say, "Oh I never thought of it that way. That makes a lot of sense. You're so pretty and smart, daddy."

metamorphhh said...

Oh, he had a lot to say about that in the upcoming interview. Stay tuned!

metamorphhh said...

Yeah, it's a real sado/maso rodeo at the Professor's place. I've actually seen his butt babies APOLOGIZE to him about speaking their minds ON THEIR OWN FUCKING CHANNELS! It's quite a spectacle, really. Beta males and the type of females who fall in love with serial killers are pretty much the prime rib over there.

metamorphhh said...

Oh, just so you know I'm not talking a bout efilists here in any way. No whatsoever. Nada. Zip. The Big Zeeeero. Although, you might be surprised how similar a name the Professor's chosen field of study has. You'll see soon. Very soon.

Former Shadow said...

I must have been away awhile (I did) cause I have no idea who professor Greyroots is supposed to be. lol

Thank you Jim. Thank you for listening and the advice.

Anonymous said...

Did he get kicked off of youtube again? It looks like he hasn't made a video for quite a while.

Chip said...

If you want an idea of how out of touch I am, I'm just looking forward to learning who the hell you're talking about.

I did see a dormant thread on a forum under the title "antiantiantinatalism," and I chuckled because it made perfect sense.

My reasons are the same as they were and I've largely ignored the online culture of AN. It's just an argument I find compelling for reasons long-rehearsed, and the new noise seems like something we wouldn't have predicted back when we were tossing notions around in blog chambers. I know there's a guy who makes cartoons that aren't bad. The ones I've seen, anyway.

Off topic (I think), I would enjoy your thoughts on Huemer's take on reincarnation and eternal recurrence. See: https://fakenous.net/?p=1794

metamorphhh said...

Hi, Chip! I THINK I'm just moving on to the next phase of the topic. Stay tuned.

As for the poison penning? Just taking out the trash. :) Somebody's gotta do it, for god's sake!

I'll check that out and get back to you, thanks for the reference. Here's hoping all is well with you and yours. Yeah, it's sort of taken on a life of its own, hasn't it? Who woulda thunk?

Former Shadow said...

Im curious as to what is this new thing about antinatalism I found here. as I mentioned life kinda messed me up and I got lost, and began working in a "trans-antinatalism" approach, but Idk if its the same thing you guys are talking about, and it is making me curious. So you are still antinatalists in general, or not? Guess I can wait for a couple more blogposts to find out.
Cheers all.

metamorphhh said...

Hey, Shadow! Nice to see you again.

First of all, I should clarify that there's no new antinatalist 'thing' going on, and no 'you guys'. Just me, metamorphhh, writing down some thoughts on my blog. So don't get worried that you've fallen behind lolol. I'm just approaching the subject from a philanthropic pov, which includes living people as well as the unborn. Just trying to do my small part in helping people navigate through this mess.

I'll be getting into all of this in a lot more detail later on. For now, back to stepping on cockroaches! Or it could be just one big cockroach, not sure, hard to decipher the droppings sometimes.

metamorphhh said...

Shadow- off topic a bit, but didn't you say once that you were from Brazil? I bought an new double ended speed bag last month and it was misshipped to San Paulo. Can you believe that they reshipped it back to me and I got it in just a little over 12 hours? Technology is just amazing.

Former Shadow said...

The blog flowing with comments from even Chip who I remember from back then, makes me remember those 2010 more happy times. And wow. The story of the double ended speed bad is pretty cool, it got reshipped from SP to you in about 12 hours? Wow. (Yeah I am from Brazil!) Thanks for the reply, man.