Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Yet Another Song Parody

Sung to the tune of Sister Golden Hair by America

Well I tried to beat my willie, but I got so damned depressed,
That I set my sights on Gary, and I got myself undressed.
I ain't ready for the altar but I do believe in fate
Cuz my sado-daddy fills me up with hate.

Well I keep on thinkin' 'bout you, Mister Golden Hair So Wise,
And I just can't live without you, can't you feel it in my rise?
I been one bad groveling toady, and I been too, too slow to come,
But that doesn't mean you ain't my lawyer bum.

May I meat you in the middle, may I jizz you in your hair?
Will you cut me just a little, just enough to show you care?
Well you've tried to fake it, but I won't tell if you just can't make it.

Doo fap doo fap


Anonymous said...

Both funny and nauseating!

metamorphhh said...

Consider the source material. :)

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of clicking on some pic links to his blog once. They were on a forum I was visiting at the time. I had no idea what the pics were before hand. The first one I click on was him sitting in a chair naked with a hard on. Ugh! Just about puked.

metamorphhh said...

I was very recently informed...seriously, just minutes ago, that there are even worse pics.

Anonymous said...

Pure narcissism. Anything for attention.