Monday, October 19, 2020

If You Don't Like Semi-Obscure References, Then Maybe This Blog Just Isn't For You

Morning, Professor Greyroots! Hey, I just started a new book today by George Plimpton. Remind me of the title? No, I mean YOU remind me of the title. You really, really do.

Difference between you and me, poopchute? I cherish being wrong. It allows me an opportunity to embrace change and to foster my intellect, such as it is. Unlike you, whose rickety abode is built on a foundation of hatred and close-mindedness. If only I could reach through this screen and shake you by your anemic haunches! Your message has become nothing more than a psychedelic ego trip of massive proportions, the absolute worst case of delusional inferiority complex I've ever seen. Maybe that exists on the planet! I guess you are special in that singular way, so...kudos?

Here, pussy! Here puss, puss, puss! Sado-daddy's run a nice bath for you!

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