Sunday, October 11, 2020

Oops, Forgot to Title This One. There You Go.

So, you've decided to abstain from having children for this, that or the other reason. Now what?

NOTHING! Go live your life and stop hanging around bitter old men whose time has passed but whose egos demand constant gratification from others. Otherwise you've become part of the side show, and is that what you want to do with whatever time you have remaining? Glue your lips to the too-often exposed posterior of an old fool who was too terrified to ever wander out of his government provided thumb sucking station?

Look, it's one thing to recognize that procreation causes a lot of problems for people. That's a given here. But really and truly, there's only so much that can be said about the situation before you start repeating yourself, right? Granted, re-statements can be valuable for clarity's sake, and new folks are always coming along, So if His Nibs aka Professor Greyroots really needs an audience to prop up the ever-so-frail shanty of his self-esteem, there'll always be new pilgrims prostrating up to his feed trough for a lick.

Unfortunately, there's a stink wafting up from the salad bar, so my advice is to consider what you eat, and where you go to eat it. Oh, there's still nutrition to be had if you limit yourself to picking off the top. But that poisonous undertaste should at least give you pause. Then consider that the chef cares nothing for you. In fact, he openly despises you, and the only reason he's even pursuing his line of thinking is because of a basic category error. You see, he has conflated the category of 'thing' with the category of 'kind of thing', and so he literally believes that until everybody is dead, he will continue to be alive. Bottom line is he's a monist of one stripe or another. Surprise! (not really)

In the meantime there are hummingbirds to feed, people who need our help and encouragement to make it through the day, and of course many other things of wonder to be experienced that will generate lots and lots of more beneficial chemicals in your brain than tongueing the slime hole of a toxic sea slug who, quite frankly, has nowhere else to be.

AN is an idea, people, not a lifestyle. Grow the fuck up already.

UPDATE: Same goes double for the 'science' nonsense. Professor Greyroots practices the science of 'Whatever supports my ideology, THAT'S real science!" Thus any idea that runs contrary to the notion of a single, spatially and temporally closed universe is verboten. You see, the Professor is terrified of existences going on forever and ever. Can't say I blame him. However, science and wishful thinking are sort of a blur to the Professor, and so his existential list is conveniently truncated to one of limited probables, and everybody who thinks differently is shit. Or anybody who even recognizes his misplaced surety in calculating probablilities even though he has absolutely no mechanism by which to judge the merit of those probablilities! That's one cwazzzzyy wabbit!


Andrew McIntosh said...

"AN is an idea, people, not a lifestyle."

Sadly, that's exactly what it's becoming for a few people, since their exposure to it is through things like YT channels that promote it the way a lot of other lifestyles are promoted. T-shirts. Symbols. Anthems. Slogans. Pretty much any idea can be boiled down to consumer products if there's enough people interested in doing so.

Anonymous said...

He relies entirely too much on his personal subjective experience to justify AN. It is interesting just how many types of AN's there are out there. I've even come across techno-futurist AN's that claim with enough technology, there would no longer be a justification for AN. I suppose if we could eliminate ALL or nearly all possible consequences from this messy existence, then I guess they might be right. That seems so incredibly unlikely though. Even if we could eliminate any/all depressive "bad" feelings, we would still be stuck with the possibility of losing limbs, becoming paralyzed, starving, the list goes on and on.

metamorphhh said...

My guess is we'll end up at the techno-futurist part, that is unless we destroy ourselves before that. Either way, billions and billions will suffer and die, and many will wish they'd never been born. However, whatever happens is in the cards and we're all ultimately puppets on a stage. But puppets with emotions, and perhaps those emotions might be better served by giving the bio-mechanism between the ears a break once in a while, or maybe a lot more than that aas we're able, and do something fun and/or fulfilling.

I realize the Professor doesn't believe in personal growth, in fact he's stated his utter contempt for the notion on more than one occasion. And maybe he's right...about himself, anyway. I realize that living isolated in a shack for your whole adult life might make you feel that way. After all, nobody around in whom to observe the process happening. But for us living in the real world and experiencing short and long term relationships with others, we realize that the Professor is simply projecting, and speaking nonsense.

Best to you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right. I'm not sure the environment will hold out much longer though.